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Tax Collector
Contact TypeContact Information
Tax Collector
7 Main Street, Unit #10
Hubbardston 01452
978-928-1400 x 205
Regular Hours:
Monday 2:00 to 8:00 pm
Tues, Wed, Thurs 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Fridays Closed
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“MAIL FOR TAX COLLECTOR GOES TO: 7 Main St, Unit #10. ~Mail sent without the unit number may be returned by the Post Office.

Any unpaid excise tax bills that were due March 2nd, 2015 or earlier have now been sent to the deputy collectors and/or marked at the RMV.   Unpaid excise tax bills that were due May 4th, 2015 have been send out with a demand fee of $30.  Fiscal Year 2015 Real Estate taxes bills are now over 30 days past due.  Demand letters will be going out as of June 10th, 2015 for any unpaid real estate, personal property tax and supplemental tax bills.

If the due date for your property or excise bill has passed, you may not pay your bill online.  Please contact the tax collector’s office at (978) 928-1400 ex 205 for further instructions.  Payment must be made by mail, in person at the Collector's Office, or in the drop box outside the Tax Collector’s office located at the backside of the Town Library Building’s basement.  

The Tax Collector is required by Massachusetts General Law Chapter 60, Sec 15, to add fees for unpaid taxes and may, at her discretion, waive such interest, charges and fees when the total amount thereof is $15 or less. 

Please note: Hubbardston’s Demand fee exceeds the $15 state limit to waive fees, therefore, the Hubbardston tax collector, by law CANNOT waive fees once a tax bill has gone to demand status.


Municipal Lien Certificate Charge: $50 per parcel
Demand Fee: $30
Warrant Fee: $10**

 **Deputy Collector’s fee will be added to any bill warranted and beyond.

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