Building Department

Hubbardston Market

The  Building Department is responsible for providing a full range of services to the citizens of Hubbardston. 

Services include the issuance of permits, review of plans, and field inspection of projects.

 To make an appointment to meet with the Building Inspector, Wiring Inspector or the Gas/Plumbing Inspector or if you need to schedule an inspection, please contact the clerk at 978-928-1400 x215; or email us with a detailed request at  

The Building Department is now only accepting online applications please apply for all permits via Hubbardston's online portal at


All building, plumbing, and electrical permit require the Workman's Comp Affidavit be filled out and attached to each new application.

A fillable copy of this form can be found in the forms section!

Administrative Assistant

Robert Lanciani

Building Commissioner

Ed Tonet

Plumbing and Gas Fitting Inspector

Darrell Sweeney

Inspector of Wires