2020 Dog Licenses are now available!

black and white siberian husky

All dogs over the age of 6 months are required by the State of Massachusetts to be licensed and vaccinated each year. Licensing for 2020 begins in January and must be paid by April 1st to avoid late fees. Any Resident who will be 70 years or over as of March 31st is exempt from paying a fee for licensing.

Dogs may be registered online or in person at the Town Clerk’s office during normal business hours. Fees are as follows:

  • Males & Females $15.00
  • Neutered Males & Spayed Females $10.00.

Payments in person need to be in the form of check or cash. Credit/Debit card payments may be made online.

Questions? Please contact the Town Clerk directly by phone at 978-928-1400 x202 or by email: tclerk@hubbardstonma.us