Republic Services

Joe Alves, Division Manager for Republic Services attended our meeting on July 24, 2018.  Joe explained that the company came into the perfect storm in the last few months, trucks broke done; not enough mechanics to fix the problems and a shortage of drivers contributed to these service problems our town encountered.  Joe also gave us an overview of what the Company has done and is doing going forward.  They have shrunk the area that drivers are responsible for.  They have 5 million dollars into 16 new trash trucks, Job Fairs to hire new drivers which has resulted in 4 new drivers and a goal of 11 more.  They have change Customer Service, instead of calling and getting someone down south they have a pod of reps responsible for just MA.

We have asked for a few things from them, An Organizational Chart so if in the future we have issues we know the chain of command.  We asked if they could tell us how much still needs to be caught up.  We also suggested they put a letter in customer’s next bill explaining the changes they are making.

Joe has also committed to being on call and available to take our calls directly until we feel the issues have been resolved at which time their customers can feel confident in calling the customer service line.

Joe seemed genuinely concerned and committed to seeing these changes take place in a timely matter and at this time the Board of Health decided to not hold a Public Hearing, and although we will continue to monitor the situation, we deem the matter closed.

Please note: Safe disposal and recycling of solid waste are a major concern in Hubbardston. Only haulers licensed with the Town of Hubbardston can collect your solid waste/recyclables curbside.

For a complete list of approved trash haulers please CLICK HERE