If I Am Not for Myself Who Will Be for Me

Oney Judge: George and Martha Washington's Runaway Slave
Event Date: 
Thursday, August 2, 2018 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Hubbardston Public Library, 7 Main St.

When we think of our founding fathers, we often forget that a few, were themselves, Slave owners. Slave Oney Judge slipped out of President George and Martha Washington's House in Philadelphia and fled north to New Hampshire in pursuit of freedom. She was a criminal until her death because of this one decision.  Oney Judge was an assertive individual who had the courage to claim her own freedom, even if it meant defying the President of the United States.

Come to this living history event and meet Oney herself and hear her story!

Available now for check out at the HPL are books on the life of Oney Judge. Stop by the library to learn more about her before the August 2 presentation.

This program is Free and most appropriate for older children, teens and adults.http://www.quezaire-presutti.com
Contact the library at 978-928-4775 to reserve seating
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