Planning Board

Welcome to the website of the Town of Hubbardston's Planning Board.  

If you have any questions, please contact the Planning Board Admin at [email protected].

General Information:

The Planning Board is comprised of five elected members that serve five-year terms. There is one alternate member that is appointed by the Board of Selectmen for a one-year term. 

The Board’s operating guidelines are the Town of Hubbardston’s Zoning By-laws, the Hubbardston Subdivision Rules and Regulations, the Hubbardston Earth Removal Regulations, the Massachusetts State Zoning Act (Chapter 40A), and the Massachusetts State Subdivision Control Law (Chapter 41B Section 81A and 81GG). 

The Planning Board is responsible for reviewing:  ANR’s, General Special Permits, Earth Removal Permits, Reclamation Plans, Floodplain Special Permits, Wireless Comm Special Permits, Aquifer Protection Special Permits, Senior Residential Development Special Permit, Large-Scale Solar Special Permits, Marijuana Special Permits, Site Plan Reviews, Environmental and Community Impact Analysis Plans, Subdivision Plans, and Scenic Road Applications

The Planning Board, per the Hubbardston Zoning Bylaws, is also responsible for ensuring that the Rate of Development Bylaw is reviewed yearly to report to the town.  Finally, in conjunction with application review and Rate of Development oversight, the Planning Board is responsible for Affordable Housing Development and Compilation and Implementation of the Town of Hubbardston’s Master Plan.

Again, if you have any questions or wish to appear before the Planning Board at their next scheduled meeting, please email: [email protected]

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Christina Sutcliffe 978-928-1400 x210


Alice Livdahl


June 2020


June 2020

Francois Steiger


June 2024

William Homans


June 2023

5th Member

Position Available - Apply to [email protected]

Associate Member

Position Available - Apply to [email protected]