Frozen Assets

Frozen Assets

Frozen Assets Outhouse has sunk! 

Official Sink time: March 4th 2020 at 3:08:15am

Closest guess was from Hubb Town Dinner with March 4th at 8:15:35am winning the $300 gift card

2nd closest guess was from Marie Langevin with March 3rd at 4:10:15 pm winning the $150 gift card

3rd closest guess was from The Galante Family with March 3rd at 3:33:33 pm winning $75 gift card 

4th closest guess was Morgan Brinker with March 3rd at 3:33:02 pm winning 1 flat of eggs for 8 weeks courtesy of The Country Hen! 

Thank you to our sponsors of Frozen Assets... The Country Hen, Broberg Insurance, JP McCarthy & Sons, Pirner Logging & Land Clearing, Hands Down Massage Therapy, Proulx Family Financial, Handy Lou’s Home Improvement & Greenland Farm. 

Take 5 guesses on when the outhouse will fall through the ice! 

We are asking for a suggestion of $20 donation per Frozen Assets Form. Any donation are accepted with forms  

The Outhouse will be located on Whilliamsville Rd at The Country Hen pond starting in February. 

All Frozen Assets Forms must be submitted by February 1st 

Closest Guess - $300 gift card     2nd - $150 gift card     3rd - $75 gift card 

4th - 1 flat of eggs for 8 weeks courtesy of The Country Hen!

Forms can be found at Hubbardston Pizza Palace, Giacomo’s Gourmet, Hubb Town Diner, The Country Trail, Broberg Insurance, Proulx Family Financial and Town Offices in the Slade building. 

Please contact with any questions. 

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