Frozen Assets

Frozen Assets

The outhouse officially sunk on 2/24/22 @1:19:22am!

1st place winner goes to Daniel Afonso with a guess of 2/22/22 @8:23:32pm

2nd place goes to Lynn Wilkinson with a guess of 2/28/22 @4:12:46pm

3rd place goes to Jane Frederico with a guess of 3/2/22 @5:40:45am

4th place goes to Lynn Wilkinson with a guess of 3/3/22 @5:15:25pm

I'll be in touch with the winners soon. Thank you to everyone that took guesses. 

Frozen Assets Is Back! 
Stop into Hubb Town Diner, Giacomo's Gourmet Foods, The Hubbardston Pizza Palace, The Country Trail, or Proulx Family Financial and ask for a Frozen Assets form. Enjoy a cup of coffee, get some cookies or maybe some honey, grab lunch or dinner for the family or even an flat of eggs while you're there. Not only does this event help support our small businesses in town but also helps fund future special events. So here's your chance to show some community spirit and you may even win a prize for your efforts! You can't win if you don't play! 

I'd like to thank our sponsors...... Greenland Farm, The Country Hen, Bee Nice Farm, Handy Lou's Home Improvement, Hands Down Massage Therapy, Proulx Family Financial, Broberg Insurance, Pirner Logging & Land Clearing Inc, J.P. McCarthy & Sons and DeMalia Firearms & Training 

Take 5 guesses on when the outhouse will fall through the ice! 

We are asking for a suggestion of $20 donation per Frozen Assets Form. Any and all donation are accepted with forms. All donations go into the Special Events Fund for this and other special events.

The Outhouse will be located at 5 Williamsville Rd at The Country Hen pond in the beginning of February. 

All Frozen Assets Forms must be submitted by February 1st 

Closest Guess - $300 gift card, 2nd - $150 gift card, 3rd - $75 gift card and 4th - 1 flat of eggs for 8 weeks courtesy of The Country Hen!

Forms can be found at Hubbardston Pizza Palace, Giacomo’s Gourmet, Hubb Town Diner, The Country Trail, and Proulx Family Financial. 

Please contact with any questions. 

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Previous sink times:

February 24th 2022 at 1:19:22 am

March 19th 2021 at 2:08:26 pm

March 4th 2020 at 3:08:15 am

March 23rd 2019 at 10:36:53 am