Conflict of Interest Training for Municipal Employees

As a municipal employee you have a responsibility to become familiar with State laws regarding ethics and conflict of interest. A municipal employee is defined as "anyone performing services for a city or town or holding a municipal position, whether paid or unpaid, including full- and part-time municipal employees, elected officials, volunteers, and consultants."

RECEIPT OF SUMMARY OF LAW: State Law requires that you receive a copy of a summary of the Conflict of Interest law each year that you are employed by the town. The Town clerk will provide you with a copy of the summary the first time you are sworn into office. Subsequent copies are sent via email to each employee during December or January.  

ONLINE TRAINING: In addition, new employees must complete an online training program within 30 days of employment and every 2 years thereafter. The training consists of a series of questions designed to familiarize you with the Conflict of Interest law. After completion of the program you must print out the certificate and return it to the Town Clerk. You can access the online training by clicking here.

OPEN MEETING LAW: If you are serving on a board or committee you must also be familiar with the Open Meeting Law. The Town Clerk will provide you with a copy of the Open Meeting Law and within 2 weeks after being sworn into office, each member of a public body must return the completed Certificate of Receipt of Open Meeting Law Materials to the Town Clerk.