How to Apply for a Marriage License

  • Couples must appear together to file a "Notice of Intention" no less than 3 days before their wedding date.
  • License is issued after required 3-day waiting period and is valid for 60 days only.
  • Bring photo ID
  • Filing Fee - $15.00
  • Marriage Certificate copies (available after the ceremony) can be ordered for $5 each at any time
For couples being married by a person using a One Day Solemnizer Certificate issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • A person who is not a Justice of the Peace or a recognized member of the clergy in Massachusetts who wishes to perform a marriage ceremony (such as a relative or family friend) may obtain one-day special permission from the Governor. Call the Governor's office at (617) 727-2836 to obtain an application for a one-time special appointment to solemnize a marriage.
  • A $25 fee is paid to the Commissions Division of the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth and a one-day solemnizer certificate is sent to the approved solemnizer.
  • After the wedding the original certificate must be sent along with the signed marriage license to the following address for official recording:
Hubbardston Town Clerk
7 Main St - Unit #12
Hubbardston, MA  01452