Last call for Nomination Papers!

Deadline to submit is 5pm on April 26th
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Nomination papers will be available beginning on Monday March 28 through Tuesday, April 26 for the Hubbardston Annual Town Election to be held June 14, 2022.  There will be 21 open positions on the ballot as follows:




POSITION                                                                                     TERM LENGTH

SELECT BOARD (2 positions)                                                      3-Year, 3-Year

BOARD OF ASSESSORS                                                             3-Year                  

PLANNING BOARD (1 position)                                                   5-Year

BOARD OF HEALTH (3 positions)                                                3-Year, 2-Year, 2-Year

QUABBIN REG SCHOOL DIST COMMITTEE (3 Positions)        3-Year, 2-Year, 2-Year

MODERATOR                                                                               3-Year

FINANCE COMMITTEE (1 position)                                            3-Year

CEMETERY COMMISSION (2 positions)                                    3-Year, 2-Year

TRUSTEES OF PUBLIC LIBRARY (2 positions)                         3-Year, 3-Year   

HOUSING AUTHORITY (3 positions)                                          4-Year, 3-Year, 1-Year

PARK COMMISSIONER (2 positions)                                         3-Year, 3-Year


Nomination papers may be picked up on or after Monday, March 28 at the Hubbardston Town Clerk’s office during regular business hours; Mondays 12-6pm, Tuesdays-Thursdays 8am-4pm.

A minimum of 20 signatures from Hubbardston voters are required and completed papers must be returned by 5pm on Tuesday, April 26. 

If not already a registered voter in Hubbardston, the registration deadline for this election is Wednesday, May 25 at 8:00pm.

Please call the office with any questions at 978-928-1400, Ext 202.