Town Administrator

Welcome to the Homepage of the Town Administrator.

To email the Town Administrator directly, direct correspondence to [email protected]

The Town Administrator acts as the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer and is directly responsible to the five-person Board of Selectmen. The Town Administrator’s responsibilities include the administration of town affairs as outlined in the Town Charter.

Here is the overall strategic vision for town staff in in FY20.

Visit here to see the Town Administrator's FY20 goals.

Here are the FY20 goals by town department.

This page also hosts many useful links and documents for residents. Reports include helpful presentations such as current and past budgets, road maintenance plans, quarterly financial progress and monthly department/board reports. The Town Administrator’s report is prepared for every regularly scheduled Board of Selectmen meeting and is made available to the public.

Our Town Administrator welcomes public input and is available for conversations in the office and around town.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title
Ryan McLane Town Administrator