Economic Development Committee

The mission of the Committee will seek to improve the community’s quality of life through an expanded local business base that respects and contributes to Hubbardston’s community character and improves the economic well-being of all its residents.

Economic development policies will seek to create local servicing of resident’s needs, increased local employment opportunities, and other benefits that have been identified by the community. Hubbardston will seek to create a supportive environment for local businesses and mutually supportive relationships among businesses, residents, and Town government.

Economic development efforts will be planned to avoid or mitigate impacts that would detract from Hubbardston’s character and rural setting. Business development and expansion should contribute to community life and serve community needs, fit in Hubbardston’s small town setting, be environmentally friendly, not strain local service capacity, and build upon and foster Hubbardston’s special attributes, which include:

  • Small town atmosphere
  • Route 68 and its easy access to Route 2
  • Open space and undeveloped land
  • Large expanses of publically owned land
  • Low tax rate and affordability
  • Proximity to business activity in Gardner and neighboring towns.

Membership: The Committee will be made up of 7 members, who will be appointed to three year terms. A member of the Board of Selectmen and a member of the Planning Board shall be ex-officio members.

Tom Colyer


June 30, 2019

Richard Green


June 30, 2019

Tomas Larson


June 30, 2019

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