Dog Licenses

LATE FEES are now in effect for all unlicensed dogs ($25 per dog). Pay online through May 31, after that all payments must be made in person or by mail.

After May 31, an additional $50 Failure to License non-criminal citation will be issued for every unlicensed dog per MGL Ch 140, Sec 141 and Hubbardston General Bylaws Chapter XXII, Section 2.  

Dog Licenses

  • MANDATORY – Under State and local laws, all dogs by the age of 6 months must be licensed with the Town and have a valid rabies vaccination.
  • Annual Registration – License period runs April 1 thru March 31 of following year.
  • Dogs not licensed by May 1 will be charged a $25 late fee.
  • May be done by mailonline, or in person (add $1 for online fees)
  • Failure to License Citation - $50.00 (For dogs not licensed by June 1.)  NOTE: Citations cannot be paid online; must send check or pay in person at Town Clerk's office.  Use the attachment above for mailing or in-person registration.
  • Kennels: Any collection of more than 4 dogs kept for any purpose requires a Special Permit from the Planning Board.  Visit their homepage.


  • Spayed/Neutered - $10.00
  • Male/Female - $15.00
  • Late Fee - $25 (for dogs not licensed before May 1)
  • Failure to License Non-Criminal Citation - $50 (for dogs not licensed by June 1)