Information about applying for CPA funds may be accessed through this web site or picked up at the Town Clerk's office. Hours: Mon 2-8 PM, Tuesday-Thursday 8 AM-4 PM. Please submit 10 copies of your application to the Community Preservation Committee at the Town Clerk's office.
Application deadlines are January 15th and July 15th. The projects will be reviewed by the CPC in time for voting at the next town meeting after the application deadline. Applications submitted after those dates may need to be deferred to a later town meeting. Click here for application.
The Community Preservation Act (CPA) (Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 44B, Sections 3 through 7 inclusive) was adopted by Hubbardston voters at the town election held in November 2006. The Act provides that a 1.5% surcharge, with certain exemptions, be assessed to property tax bills. Matching funds from the state will be received on October 15th and all monies will go into a special Community Preservation Fund to be used solely for CPA projects. The CPA also requires the Town set up a Community Preservation Committee (CPC). Generally the funds must be used for the acquisition, creation, preservation, support, restoration, and rehabilitation of open space, community housing and historical purposes. Ten percent of receipts must be allocated to each of three components: open space, community housing and historical. Sixty five percent will go into the general CPA fund and can be used by any of the three categories and recreation. Five percent of receipts may be used by the CPC for administrative purposes such as appraisals, surveys, presentation materials, publicity, etc. For detailed information about the CPA click here.

The CPC is charged to review all applications for CPA projects and refer projects to the town meeting for funding approval. A detailed budget must be submitted with the application. Funds may be spent only on items listed on the submitted budget in the application. Any amendments to the original budget require prior approval from the CPC.

Funds will be dispersed upon proper documentation. The applicant must submit an invoice and/or receipts, to the CPC for approval. The CPC will then submit a voucher to the Town for payment. If other procedures need to be arranged for a particular project, that issue will be discussed on a case-by-case basis by the CPC.
Prior to dispersal of funds, if applicable, projects must have recorded deed restrictions or the Department of Revenue must be satisfied with the status of the restriction.
Applicants must note the CPC as funding source for their project. This notation must appear on any materials involving this project (i.e. press releases, brochures etc.) In order for Hubbardston citizens to see the result of their surcharge funding, a CPA banner or sign may be required by the CPC.
Signatures on the application indicate that the applicant has the right to enter into contracts for the organization seeking funding and has read and understands all regulations in the application packet.