Hubbardston Light Fight


Join Hubbardston for our 7th Annual Light Fight!

First 3 weekends of December! Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights, 5-9pm each night. Follow the map and check out all the entries and vote for your favorites. Want to enter? There are 3 categories to choose from, traditional/classic, Go Big or Stay Home, Brightest Bulb Business category. Deadline to enter is November 27th 2023. See entry form & official rules for details 

Paper listings & maps can be found at Hubbardston’s One Stop Shop (the gas station). Check out all the competitors on the list, you have the 1st three weekend to check them all out and vote. Voting will close on Monday December 18th! Have fun and Happy Holiday’s from all of us here in Hubbardston! 

Here are all the links: 

Google map:

Voting link:


This year we had 391 votes cast, and will say everyone did a fantastic job decorating their house's & businesses. But here are the official results for 2023:

Traditional/Classic category:

1st place ~ 17 Twin Hill rd, 2nd place ~ 7 Main st PD and 3rd place ~ 16 New Templeton rd

Go Big or Stay Home category:

1st place ~ 47 New Templeton rd, 2nd place ~ 36 Geordie Ln and 3rd place ~ 38 Main st FD

Brightest Bulb Award goes to:

Stars & Strips Diner ~ 32 Main st 

Thank you all for Participating and hope you all will join us again next year!


Winners of Hubbardston Light Fight 2022!


1. 36 Geordie Ln

2. 68 New Westminster rd

3. 38 Chippewa st

Go Big or Stay Home

1. 47 New Templeton rd

2. 38 Main st - Fire Dept

3. 31 Bemis rd

Brightest Bulb Award 

Plain View Farm

Here are the official winners of the Hubbardston Light Fight 2021!          
Drumroll please…… 

Traditional/Classic category: 

1. 28 Healdville Rd

2. 38 Chippewa St

3. 6 George Howard Rd

Go Big or Stay Home category:

1. 21 Simonds Hill Rd

2. 80 Twin Hill Rd

3. 47 New Templeton Rd 

Brightest Bulb Business Award: 

Plain View Alpaca Farm 130 Gardner Rd

Here are the official winners of the 2020 Hubbardston Light Fight! 

Traditional/Classic category:

1. 42 Hale Rd

2. 9 Morgan Rd

3. 16 New Templeton Rd

Go Big or Stay Home category:

1. 6 Worcester Rd

2. 38 Main St

3. 1 Worcester Rd

Brightness Bulb Business Award:

Tiny Toes & Little Bows Photograghy @ 245 Gardner Rd 

And for those of you that asked... @ 42 Hale Rd, how many movies are in the display?

In all there are 9 movies. They include The Grinch, Charlie Brown’s Christmas, A Christmas Story, Frosty, Miracle on 34th Street, Elf, Polar Express, Rudolph, and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. 

Thank you all for voting and checking out the Hubbardston Light Fight! Until next year.... Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!! Bye Bye 2020!

2019 winners!
1st place - 28 Healdville Rd
2nd place - 36 Geordie Ln
3rd place - 51 New Templeton Rd

Go Big or Stay Home:
1st place - 86 Ragged Hill Rd
2nd place - 1 Worcester Rd
3rd place - 80 Twin Hill Rd